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We visit offices all over the Dallas area to photograph business people so we see every imaginable business set up and have drawn up a short checklist of what makes a great space for in-office or “environmental headshots.”   So often the people tasked with hiring a business headshot photographer have never hired a photographer before, so even though talking about square footage and lighting doesn’t make a very exciting blog article, it will make a big difference in creating great business portraits.



  1. Floorspace.  An open area like a lobby or conference room is usually enough space if we’re only photographing one person at a time.  Think 10×15 feet.  Some conference rooms have the size but there is a giant unmovable table in the center of the room –often we can shoot over it, but if we’re setting up a backdrop instead of using the view behind our subject, we’ll need more empty floor space
  2. Light.  We love to use natural light when we can but we usually bring supplemental lights to fill in the shadows.  The samples here were a mixture of daylight and flash, taken in the client’s Boardroom.
  3. View.  If you’ve got a great view and it works with your brand — we need to show it off!  Best to choose a day (or time of day) when we are not competing with a ton of hard sunlight. Bright indirect light is best, so if you have several rooms to choose from, we’ll probably opt for north facing windows or early morning.
  4. Message.  Sometimes the location of the business portraits needs to include a logo or another signature element that relates to branding.  A sculpture, a portrait of the Founder in the background, etc.  Just let us know and we’ll bring whatever lighting equipment is needed to give you a truly professional photo.  You can visit our business portrait portfolio here.

Regardless of the lighting setup, we coach people on how to stand, what to do with their hands, even what to wear , if needed — and our image files always include our expert Photoshop work.  We are available to discuss your particular needs and setup any day during business hours, just call the studio at 972-250-2415

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Are Business Casual headshots too casual for your business?

It depends. The obvious answer is to match your headshots to your brand and match your brand to the industry you compete in.  But what about standing out in your universe?  Do you want to send a subtle message that you’re just a little bit more hip than your competitors?  Or that your firm is younger and leaner than the bigger guys?  Or maybe than you’re still “young enough?” We can help.

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We live in the world of visual cues. Sometimes something as simple as the angle of your shoulders or the color of your clothing sends a message.  What type of lighting tells the story that is right for you? Not every business has a marketing department focused on these things.  If you need to sit down and study some sample business headshots and discuss the options –give us a call. We’re always ready to offer suggestions and go through the options.  We can even help you create a ‘style book’ — because maybe your sales people need a slightly different look than your C suite, or maybe you have multiple uses for your business headshot that require slightly different looks? As your business grows, your new employees can come to us and get the same look, lending continuity and building confidence in your firm.