Does your online presence measure up?

Work environment photos score big with perspective employees. Few things communicate FUN WORKPLACE better than good photos of people in a light, bright modern office.  And given the challenges of staffing up in today’s business world, every HR/Recruiting manager and every Marketing manager are putting their heads together — not just to show off theirContinue reading “Does your online presence measure up?”

Digging out and climbing up in 2021

It’s still bitter cold in north Texas, but the ice is melting and it feels good to be making plans for the future. For a significant number of people, that means a new job or a new business plan as we pivot, adjust and re-focus. Along with these plans comes the need for business photos,Continue reading “Digging out and climbing up in 2021”

Headshot Sessions for Entrepreneurs

Most self employed (or even contract workers) line up as ENTREPRENEURS at some point or other. Whether you sell handmade one-of-a-kind somethings on or you run an executive search firm or own a firm, there are always opportunities to expand your brand with a business headshot. We offer two different lengths of headshot sessionsContinue reading “Headshot Sessions for Entrepreneurs”

Five ways to make your headshot work for you

Why invest in a professional headshot? Let’s think for a moment about how you get the most good out of the time and money you spend being photographed. The obvious first and best place to use your new business portrait is LinkedIn. This is where it gets seen by your peers and professional contacts. SocialContinue reading “Five ways to make your headshot work for you”

New Year + New Look = New Job?

The first quarter of the year is always the busiest for new business headshots and executive portraits. Often it’s just that everyone feels that it’s a waste of time to try and hustle a new job during the holidays when everyone is away with family and taking vacation time. But in the new year, there’sContinue reading “New Year + New Look = New Job?”

Your Business Headshots in Your Office | Teresa Berg Photography

We visit offices all over the Dallas area to photograph business people so we see every imaginable business set up and have drawn up a short checklist of what makes a great space for in-office or “environmental headshots.”   So often the people tasked with hiring a business headshot photographer have never hired a photographer before,Continue reading “Your Business Headshots in Your Office | Teresa Berg Photography”

Using colorful headshots to send the right message

First, there is an art to looking relaxed and professional at the same time! For a young, technology based company like RKD Group, we used the bright colors in their offices, natural light and relaxed body language to create that “it’s fun to work here” look. They didn’t want all the backgrounds to be the same,Continue reading “Using colorful headshots to send the right message”

Nervous about getting a business portrait?

No one enjoys it and we all know a good business photo is worth it’s weight in gold — so maybe it’s just that you don’t trust your photographer? Or maybe you don’t know a photographer other than the neighbor that does snapshots of the kids? When we began photographing business people in 2006, weContinue reading “Nervous about getting a business portrait?”

What should a business headshot cost?

Pricing for headshots can be all-inclusive (like our studio) or a la carte. We recently visited several websites that appeared to have a really great $100 headshot, but after looking carefully we realized they were charging extra for some very important features that most clients assume are included.  Their service ended up being $150 moreContinue reading “What should a business headshot cost?”

Locations for business portraits

Choosing a  location for your business portraits is almost as important as what you choose to wear. If you work from home, you  can still choose a great business look for your next headshot -maybe a bright office lobby with nice furnishings, or an outdoor setting with impressive buildings in the background.  If you’ve gotContinue reading “Locations for business portraits”