Does your online presence measure up?

Work environment photos score big with perspective employees.

Few things communicate FUN WORKPLACE better than good photos of people in a light, bright modern office.  And given the challenges of staffing up in today’s business world, every HR/Recruiting manager and every Marketing manager are putting their heads together — not just to show off their diversity, but to make their office look like THE place to be.

More than ever before it is important to have a great online presence showing off your office, the great people who work there and all the fun of working AWAY from home.  All summer long we’ve been shooting for blogs and social media and really emphasizing “coming back to the office.”  Even the free lunch days, the food trucks and employee birthdays are news these days for busy recruiters.  And mediocre cell phone photos won’t cut it ! 

We’re happy to come to your office and shoot headshots for all your new staff members –and while we’re there, we’ll help you put together some fun looks for marketing and recruiting.  Or we focus on the office shots and leave the headshots for AFTER you get all the new talent!

You’ll come away with a folder of images you can use in anything from a website, a blog, a PowerPoint presentation, even a greeting card.  But first, you have to call us!  972-250-2415

Published by Photographer

Teresa Berg is a nationally recognized photographer and author with more than 20 years of professional photography experience. She specializes in business portraits and artistic photography for a sophisticated clientele.

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