Five ways to make your headshot work for you

Why invest in a professional headshot? Let’s think for a moment about how you get the most good out of the time and money you spend being photographed.

  1. The obvious first and best place to use your new business portrait is LinkedIn. This is where it gets seen by your peers and professional contacts.
  2. Social media. If your recruiting or HR contacts haven’t already told you – CLEAN UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA before launching your next job search. If it’s on the internet you never know where it will end up, so do your best to remove anything that might be offensive or misconstrued. You just never know. And while you’re there — use your new headshot as a profile pic for a consistent look across all platforms.
  3. Blogging might seem so last decade, but a well written blog can support your personal brand and make it easier for peers and potential employers to SEE you in the role you’re looking for. Blogs are free (or almost free) and the search engines love them, so why not look like an expert? Oh, and there’s a good spot of a professional headshot on your ABOUT page.
  4. You might think Speaking engagements? Me? I’m never going to do that… but be ready. The more you get out there and meet people, the more opportunities you have to tell them what you know –and that could include speaking to a group at some point.
  5. Your email signature. When you’re the new kid on the block, make sure they remember you. It’s an easy way to look like you deserve the job your asking for if you already look the part – so dress like a boss in your business headshot and people will start remembering you in that context. Your professional portrait could become your bio pic on the company website!

Bonus tip: Keep your headshot on your phone in case you need to send it to someone you meet unexpectedly. Keep it on your desktop in a folder (think EMERGENCY CONTACT KIT) with a current resume and cover letter and I guarantee you will find opportunities to use it.


Published by Photographer

Teresa Berg is a nationally recognized photographer and author with more than 20 years of professional photography experience. She specializes in business portraits and artistic photography for a sophisticated clientele.

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